Call for Starter Scholarships for incoming Doctoral Candidates - University of Bamberg

Call for Applications for Starter Scholarships for incoming Doctoral Candidates.

Scholarships will be awarded from 01.10.2020 and for a period of one year.

During that time the recipients are expected to develop an excellent research proposal that will be used to apply for further funding, e.g. for scholarships from the many German sponsorship organisations or the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The Starter Scholarship amounts to 1,468 EUR per month. The scholarship holders will receive support throughout their Starter Scholarship in identifying further funding opportunities. This support will be in form of workshops, mentoring, advisory services and access to a rich research community.

   In addition, scholarship holders are provided with office space, necessary equipment and funds for conference travel. Once having secured further funding for the next 2-3 years, candidates will remain regular members of the Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences and will continue to work in Bamberg under the supervision of their initial professors.

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